Translation services

Currently I work with:

  • Translation agencies
  • Private companies
  • Tour Operators
  • Business Studies
  • Law Firm
  • Medical Offices and hospitals

Medical and pharmaceutical translations:

  • Clinical studies
  • Medical reports
  • Patient’s history
  • Prescriptions of medical treatments and analysis
  • User Manuals of surgical and medical instruments
  • Protocols
  • Informed consent forms
  • Trial test
  • Scientific publications
  • Report Test results and analysis
  • Brochure of medical services
  • Presentations and materials for convention
  • Market research Advertising of Medical Devices
  • Epidemiological investigations
  • Instructions for pharmaceutical machinery
  • Inspection Reports in pharmaceutical plants
  • Reports on chemical-technical processes and drugs.
  • Patents for pharmaceutical products
  • Advertising campaigns and web sites of drugs and pregnancy tests
  • Documents for submission of health services
  • Leaflets of medicines

Legal Sector:

  • Translation of trial transcripts
  • Statement of Defence
  • Defense briefs, authorized briefs, preliminary briefs, reply and final briefs
  • Appeals
  • Replications
  • Judgments
  • Patent Litigations
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Legacies and inheritances
  • Donations
  • Transfers of property
  • Purchases of houses and other properties or registered chattels
  • Acts of sale
  • Leases, leasing, mortgage, loan, etc..

Administrative and Financial Sector

  • Deeds of incorporation, partnership agreements and amendments thereto
  • Establishment and management of trusts
  • Financial statements of companies and consolidated social accounting, social/environmental balance sheet
  • Bylaws and articles of associations
  • Reports of board of auditors and public auditors
  • Explanatory Notes
  • Administrative forms for companies, conventions, travel agencies etc.
  • Purchases of shares, bonds etc.
  • Mutual funds

Tourism industry:

  • Travel Guide
  • Itineraries (natural, gourmet, spa, nature, cities)
  • Web sites of tourist facilities
  • Accommodation catalogs (hotels and other structures)
  • Farmhouses and natural products

Fashion and lifestyle:

  • Press Releases of outlets, shopping malls for Italian and foreign brands
  • Description of textiles, clothing, accessories

Electronics and IT:

  • User Manual of household appliances
  • User Manual of DVD players and radios
  • Cordless Phone Manuals
  • Car stereo manuals
  • Web sites of electronic trade
  • Letters, brochures and miscellaneous consumer electronics
  • Marketing campaigns for small household appliances, TV, car stereo, DVD recorders, cordless phones etc.