These tariffs take into account the urgency and technical nature of the subject (eg. a medical text costs more than a description of an hotel). In case of emergencies and revisions the following rates shall apply :

Urgencies: the texts sent on Friday and requested for delivery by Monday are considered urgent deliveries, as well as the ones required during public holidays and texts to be translated into the same day they have been sent. In these cases it is provided a surcharge of 20% of the agreed rate;

Revisions: The revision applies to a text that needs a spelling check, page wise, and alignment between the texts in the source language and that of arrival. There are no revisions to documents obtained with machine translation engines. Furthermore, if the text needs a re-translation the client will be immediately notified and it will be required the consent to proceed with the re-translation of the text. In case of revision the tariff is 40% of the of translation rate.

The basic unit to calculate the tariff is the page of 1500 characters including spaces in the target language. At the request of the agency or client it will be offered a per-word rate. Prices are exclusive of VAT and gross of withholding tax (these ones for Italian customers only). In the invoice there is the contribution of 4% charged on the client, planned for former social security contribution. Law. 662/96 art.1 212.

I guarantee the agreed delivery date.

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